Sanctuary Alive

Final Comments

I pray that these articles have* been a blessing to you.  If so, pass it on. I sincerely hope that you will see the gravity of the times we live in and give your life to Jesus.  There is nothing that we can do on our own to be saved, but through Him, we can do everything.  The main thing holding us all back (including me), is our inability to see the true face of sin.  We live with sin and are surrounded with sin so completely that we fail to see the true character of sin.  We tend to excuse it.  There is no excuse for sin!  Until we look completely at Jesus, we will never begin to comprehend the terribleness of sin.  After all, it caused the death of the creator of the universe! I look forward with faith to the soon coming of our Lord and Savior and I pray that when He comes, I will be in that blessed company of saints.  I pray that we all will be. If you wish to study further, the Amazing Facts website ( is a good place to start.  They have bible studies andsermons online, etc. I can also recommend a set of books by Ellen G. White.  She has a five book set which will guide you through the Bible.  Her writingswill bless you because she always points to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Patriarchs and Prophets  and Prophets and Kings  cover the Old Testament.  Desire of Ages covers the life of Christ, Acts of the Apostles covers the rest of the New Testament and The Great Controversy covers the story of the war between Christ and Satan.  These can be downloaded for free from or you can purchase them from any Adventist Book Store (all around the US) for as little as $2.50 each.

To My Catholic Friends

I have a number of Catholic friends and also some family members who are Catholic.  I love them all. We know that God has His people in all churches including the Roman Catholic Church.  If you are an honest seeker after truth, you will recognize that the things that the Bible says about the beast power, are true.  The history of the papacy is not secret, and everyone knows of the abuses that occurred during the Middle Ages. The material presented in these articles are* not intended to condemn Roman Catholic worshippers. but to show what the Bible says about the role that the papacy plays in war between God and Satan.  I hope that you prayerfully study the Bible and see for yourself. Compare your beliefs with the Bible and ask for God’s wisdom and guidance.  Study the writings of the Roman Catholic Church and compare those against the Bible.  Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and compare the life of Jesus with the leaders in your church.  Make up your own mind based not on blind acceptance of the teachings and traditions, but on an informed basis from your own study and investigation.  God loves you and wants you to choose Him. May you be blessed as God continues to guide you in your search for truth.